Frequently Asked Questions for Subscribers

This is our subscriber FAQ page. For general questions about our services, go here.

Click the questions below to expand the each section. If you don't see an answer to a question you have, please contact us.


When making your purchase, be sure to select "weekly recurring orders." Once you place your order, you will be signed up for automatic orders each week.

Nope! That's the beauty of it -- once on our subscription service, your card will be charged each Friday morning, and you'll receive your delivery each Sunday. No need to reorder unless you'd like to add extra products to that week's delivery (which should be added as "one time" orders). If you do accidentally place an extra/double order, let us know and we can cancel/refund it for you.

Absolutely! Apologies, our system is a bit tricky -- we're working on ways to make this a more user friendly experience. To log in on our site, even through you now have a subscription with us, you'll need to register your account here if you haven't done so yet.

If your email is not recognized by our system, you most likely need to register your account first.

Once you input your info (be sure to use the same email as your subscription order!), you'll need to verify your account by following the instructions we've emailed you.

Once you log in, go to "manage subscription" under "account details" (if you're on mobile, this may be at the very bottom of the page). From there, go to "view details" under your subscription, then "manage upcoming orders." To skip an order date, click "skip order." If an order is skipped, the text will now read "resume order."

IMPORTANT: If you need to make any changes to your weekly order (quantity, change products, skip date), this must be done BEFORE FRIDAY each week.

Once your order is skipped, it will look like this:

Following the same process detailed in the question about skipping order dates explained above, you can do all of these things as show in the photo below.

I'd like to cancel my subscription.

Oh no! We'll be sad to see you go, and hope to deliver to you again at any time in the future. Under the "view details" section of your subscription as detailed above, the cancellation option is at the bottom of the list.

Please let us know if you happen to cancel so we can send a driver to collect any delivery bags/ice packs/compostables you may have. 

You can resume deliveries at any time by shooting us an email or purchasing a new "weekly recurring order."